Baby Suffers Skull Fracture After Impaired Mom Dropped Him

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police credit one alert bus rider with spotting a mom who was so under the influence, that she dropped her baby on his head.

The teetering mother was later caught on surveillance cameras at the STA Bus Plaza on August 9 as she was trying to catch a bus across the street from the Union Gospel Mission's shelter for women where she was staying.

When the bus arrived, she was trying to pick up the baby out of the stroller but dropped him onto the sidewalk. The bus driver says the woman was staggering so badly that he just had her sit down inside the bus without paying the fare.

Once at the STA Bus Plaza, a passenger who saw the infant hit the ground notified security officers who started following the woman.

Witnesses say the mother appeared to be so intoxicated she was using the stroller for balance and almost fell over.

STA security called Spokane Police, who contacted the woman sitting on a bench. Arriving officers say the woman's speech was slurred and that she admitted taking the depressant Xanax.

Police say the baby was filthy and placed the seven-month-old with Child Protective Services. Doctors at Sacred Heart Medical Center told police the baby had suffered a skull fracture.

Officers arrested the woman on an outstanding warrant but because she was so impaired the jail wouldn't take her and she ended up at a local hospital.

Detectives who want to charge the woman with assault are waiting for the hospital to hand over her blood tests to determine just how much Xanax she had in her system.