ATF agents search north Spokane home

ATF agents search north Spokane home

SPOKANE, Wash. - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents and Spokane Police officers served a search warrant Wednesday night at a northeast Spokane home following a fireworks accident.

"There were about 10 to 15 police cars at that time and then a white van pulled up and firetrucks an ambulance and everything," neighbor Jacque DeMarco said.

Authorities said the homeowner told them he was making fireworks on Friday night when one exploded. The homeowner transported himself to Holy Family Hospital, but was then transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle because of the severity of his injuries.

Spokane Police said because of the nature of the incident, officers searched his house. They wouldn't say what they were looking for, but neighbors have an idea.

"Trying to find explosives because he was building fireworks for the Fourth of July when it exploded in his face," neighbor Les Crouch said.

Manufacturing explosives without a proper permit and license in a criminal offense.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents were also on scene. What their involvement in the warrant is remains unknown. Neighbors speculate that the homeowner may have had a marijuana grow operation.