Arsonist targeting Northwood neighbors

SPOKANE VALLEY - In the last month, someone has set or tried to start three fires in the Northwood subdivision in Spokane Valley. The latest happened early Tuesday morning and now firefighters are asking neighbors for their help to catch an arsonist.

All of the incidents involve homes on Vista Ridge Lane and started back on June 19th.

?We?re trying to gather information, we?re trying to let folks know that over the course of thirty days we?ve had three events here and we?re trying to gather as much information as we possibly can,? District 9 Deputy Chief Doug Bleeker said.

Chris Wood is the arsonist?s latest victim. The suspect was on his back porch early Tuesday morning pouring flammable liquid on the deck.

?My wife got up to feed the baby and went downstairs and turned on the sink and we think that may have scared the person off and probably about twenty minutes to a half hour later she smelled gas,? Wood said.

All of the victims have one thing in common ? their back yards face an undeveloped wooded area that acts as a perfect cover for an arsonist wanting to wait and watch the flames spread.

?If that?s what gets them excited, they can see the fire trucks and the fire and the activity, so maybe that?s why we?re being targeted,? Wood said.

Fire District 9 officials have begun warning Northwood neighbors about the danger they face. Because the fires have all been set at night residents are urged to make sure their smoke detectors are working.

?Keeping your eyes peeled, contacting us if you have any information at all, don?t feel funny about calling us, that?s what we?re here for and any information someone can give us is going to be helpful,? Bleeker said.