Another Summer, Another Road Construction Season

SPOKANE - Summer road construction season is well underway in Spokane, but while the city tries to fix the area's roadways, residents predictably aren't pleased.

Sarah Gilcher said, "there are four seasons in Spokane... early winter, mid winter, late winter and road construction."

Another project just got started on Tuesday morning at Wellesley Avenue. The road will be closed from Milton to Belt street. The project is expected to rehabilitate the street and replace a traffic signal.

For the next few months, Wellesley Avenue from Belt to Ash street will be reduced to just one lane in each direction, which makes it hard for people to get around the area but not everyone in Spokane minds the extra headache that construction brings.

Brigitte Janke said, "I always figure you make the best out of it, you want to have our roads done you have to put up with it you can't complain about it."

The Wellesley Avenue project is expected to be finished in a few months.