High school prom may be a time for students to glitz and glam it up with their friends, but a teen in northern Michigan may have sweetened the competition by wearing a dress made of Starburst candy wrappers.

Diane McNease, of Ishpeming, MIch., told WLUC-TV that the dress idea came to her after she saw a friend folding Starburst wrappers about a year ago.

"Why don't I combine the two together, make the top out of Starbursts and then the bottom half the ball gown, and I wanted to give the illusion that the dress was kind of falling apart, so I strung Starbursts all around," McNease said.

With the help of family, friends and 18,000 wrappers, the Ishpeming High School student said her five-month labor of love turned into a dress, hair band and a purse for Saturday's prom.

As for whether she actually consumed all the candy in the wrappers, McNease told the TV station that the wrappers were all donated to her throughout the year by her fellow classmates.

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