Spokane, Wash. -

Families faced with unemployment in Benewah County, Idaho are being forced to give up their pets.

That's putting a strain on the only animal shelter in Saint Maries.

Hope's Haven Animal Shelter worker Debbie Rimel says people are giving up their pets out of desperation.

"They've been tied to the propane tanks, tied to the dumpster," Rimel said.

Surrendered pets are also crammed into the overcrowded and outdated shelter which costs $8,000 a month to operate.

Hope's Haven is barely scraping up enough money to run, and resources are limited.

"We do work with people, we'll say here's some food," Rimel said. "If you can keep your animal for a few more weeks, I'll try to get your animal in here."

The shelter is asking the community for donations so it can expand.