Protesters Camp Out Downtown To Occupy Spokane

Published On: Sep 30 2011 06:08:12 AM PDT   Updated On: Sep 30 2011 06:10:34 AM PDT
SPOKANE, Wash. -

A protest against corporate greed is underway in downtown Spokane, with picketers lined up along Monroe Street in conjunction with protests going on across the country, including on Wall Street in New York.

"We're tired of corporate greed and immorality," Adam Summerhill, who has been protesting for the last three days, said. "We want to see this stuff cleaned up want people to be human again, we're all human."

Summerhill is part of Occupy Spokane, the local version of a large protest underway in New York City called Occupy Wall Street. Hundreds of people have been camped out for two weeks in a demonstration against corporate greed.

"America is eroding. America is being tied up by corporations," Jessica McPhail said.

McPhail tied herself up in an American flag to prove her point.

"We've been electing people that say they're going to give us change. But the change hasn't occurred and it isn't going to occur until we start occupying Wall Street," she said.

The movement's website says the 99-percent will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the one percent.

Occupy Spokane set up camp in grassy medians at Monroe and Riverside Wednesday night. Around 9 a.m. Friday Spokane Police told protesters they had to pack up their tents, saying they were violating the city's transient shelter ordinance.

The city says the group didn't have a permit to camp and made them pick up tents.

"Everybody has right to be heard and they can stand on a street corner with their posters and wave to cars but they're not allowed to live here," Spokane City spokesperson Marlene Feist said.

Protesters say they're not deterred and not going away and they plan to continue their protest.

"You're all part of it. I really doubt people listening are part of the one-percent, you're 99-percenters, come join us," protester Dave Bilsland said.

"If we can get one or two or three people to wake up and say this is wrong and do something about it then we've done our job," Adam Summerhill added.