A New Jersey State Prison inmate is refusing to eat in protest of what he calls "unfair punishment."

William Lecuyer, who is serving a 22-year sentence for armed robberies in 2000, has not eaten solid food since March 2012, the Star Ledger reports.

What he is protesting is a disciplinary charge that occurred in 2011, when he claims he was unfairly sentenced to four months of solitary confinement for denying a urine sample to detect drugs. Lecuyer says he never refused the sample, but was given solitary confinement nonetheless.

Lecuyer believes the Department of Corrections' logbook will prove his story, but New Jersey guidelines prevent him from accessing the logbook.

Lecuyer has vowed to live off about one nutritional drink a week and occasional intravenous solutions. One year after the hunger strike began, photos of his 100-lb. weight loss and his diminishing condition are alarming officials and Lecuyer's family, but the inmate refuses to give up the fight, according to the Star Ledger.