A woman police in Houston call the "Gangster Granny" fought back against a would-be robber, stabbing him in the neck with a barbecue fork.

Margaret Jackson, 73, had just gotten home last week when her dog heard something outside.

She looked out the back window and said she saw a teen trying to break into her home. So se grabbed a pair of scissors, a barbecue fork and went to the back door.

"I opened the door like this. Real fast. And he was back there. And he came from back there. And he pushed me. We were struggling," Jackson told Houston TV station KPRC as she demonstrated the fight.

She said the teen then tried to get away.

"He was trying to get away. He was pushing on me. He turned around. And when he turned around. That's when he messed up. I got him right in the neck," Jackson said.

She said after she stabbed him in the neck, he took off running.

"I don't want 'em in here. Because they come one time and see what's in here and they're coming back. Well he's gonna go tell all his friends so they don't come here. Don't go there because you're subject to get killed with a fork," Jackson said.

After she fought off the burglar, Jackson said she was too tired to call police, so she let her daughter call 911.

When police arrived, she said they called her the "Gangster Granny."