SPOKANE, Wash. -

A convicted bank robber is back in jail after he was arrested for allegedly robbing another bank in downtown Spokane Friday morning.

It didn't take Spokane police long to arrest David Thometz thanks to some help from his neighbors.

Police say Thometz, 49, walked in and robbed the Washington Trust Bank branch at 2nd and Post Friday morning. He made his getaway, but he only got as far as across the street.

Officers arrested him less than an hour later across the street in his room at the Carlisle Hotel.

Initially police thought they had their man just minutes after the bank robbery when they detained Tom Martin and his blue plaid jacket a block away.

"They thought it was me and everyone said it wasn't me," Martin said.

Police got a surveillance photo from the bank and started showing to people in the area including Martin.

"We all recognized him and we told him he resides here," Daniel Thomas said.

So officers followed his tip to a room at the Carlisle and found Thometz standing in the doorway.

"He matched the picture perfectly; he hadn't changed his clothes or anything," Spokane Police Sergeant Sean Nemec said.

Thometz's roommate said this wasn't the first time he has been in handcuffs.

"Yeah he robbed anther bank he was on parole for it," Delbert Smith said.

Records show Thometz was convicted of robbing a Sterling Savings Bank branch in downtown Spokane several years ago.

Police say the picture was key to making the arrest.

"They have good equipment in there that takes good pictures and we're able to get quickly and get them out and if we're quick we can get lucky," Sgt. Nemec said.