The Opportunity

Five-million dollars sounds like a lot of money to renovate a school that only fits about 40 students, but Holmes says it's barely enough.

Workers have to gut the inside of the building and start from scratch. Then, make improvements to the old brick and mortar that's crumbling on the exterior.

Holmes knows there's criticism out there regarding their unconventional classrooms and cafeteria, but she says they're making due with what Orient has to offer.

?I think we picked the best option, it's close, the kids are going to be able to see their school remodeled out their windows, so I think it's going to be a bright spot in the community,? Holmes said.

Renovations are supposed to be wrapped up by the end of this school year, so they can start fresh in 2012. Holmes acknowledges it's going to be a long haul to make it through the transition. It's not pretty, but Holmes is trying to make it a teaching moment for her students.

?One of the things I told the students from the get go on the first day when we were all over in the Bobcat Cafe, I said you know there's going to be some challenges this year, but you all know that when you have challenges that there are actually going to be opportunities,? Holmes said.