How do you pay a $137 traffic ticket in style? One man did it with 137 dollar bills folded into origami pigs.

The man, who goes by the YouTube moniker "Bacon Moose, posted a video to YouTube on Tuesday showing him bringing the intricately-folded swine into municipal court in two Dunkin Donuts boxes.

"I got this ticket in a town where the cops (and absurd redlight cameras) are pretty much a money trap and that's it," he explained in the video description. "I decided to pay in an appropriate manner."

The cashier is not impressed and refuses to take the folded money unless Bacon Moose unfolds it himself, The Huffington Post reported.

After some awkward back-and-forth, a police officer makes him unfold all the bills.

"That's pretty cool and that took a lot of time. Little piggies in a donut box. I got it, I got it," the officer later says as he snaps a picture of the boxes with his phone.

Bacon Moose said it took six hours to create the 137 origami pigs.