Hardcore Wrestling group gaining ground in Spokane

Published On: Sep 12 2011 12:05:09 PM PDT   Updated On: Jul 07 2010 11:24:53 PM PDT

Every Wednesday, about a dozen men get together at Hays Park in Northeast Spokane for some hardcore wrestling.

"Nothing like the scripted stuff you see on TV," said Darold Miller, owner of Spokane Anarchy Wrestling. "We use barb wire, we use crutches, we use light tubes, we use flaming baseball bats."

Spokane Anarchy Wrestling, also known as SAW, started four years ago and has quickly grown into a popular, anything goes, smack down show.

"It's not about coming out and hurting each other it's about coming out doing something that you love something that you are passionate about doing," said John Bacon, a wrestler with SAW.

The wrestlers train to avoid injury but sometimes it's inevitable. During the biggest match of the year, wrestler Steven Jenkins broke his arm while jumping from a roof, and, while painful Jenkins said he doesn't regret the jump, adding he finds comfort in wresting.

"We're like a family, it's incredible," said Jenkins.

The group performs every Saturday on East Sprague behind the K-mart store.

Their style mimics that of World Wrestling Entertainment, but with a bit more violence mixed in. During the matches, the wrestlers use a variety of weapons from cheese graters to steel chairs and glass.

SAW is the cover story for The Inlander this week. Leah Sottile, a reporter for The Inlander spent three weeks with SAW attending practices and matches.

"The goal of the story for me was that this is literally going on in our backyards," said Sottile.

"It's not just happening here, it's happening all over our world. People are attracted to wrestling and their attracted to backyard wrestling. I wanted to put out there that wrestling starts somewhere," she said.

To read more about SAW pick up The Inlander on newsstands Thursday.