Disc golfers aim to take back People's Park

Published On: Sep 13 2011 03:57:10 PM PDT   Updated On: Feb 03 2010 06:41:17 AM PST

For years People?s Park has been known for the lewd conduct going on in the bushes. Now some locals aim to clean up the park?s tarnished reputation by making it more well known as a place to play disc golf.

Kevin Sakus and his friends set up this temporary disc golf course in People's Park seven days ago.

?It?s such a cheap inexpensive way to spend time with the family and it's just a nice way to get out on a sunny day. It's all about Spokane,? he said.

Like golfing out on the links, a fair amount of disc golfing is spent tracking down your errant shots. Unfortunately down at People?s Park disc golfers say when tracking their errant shots they often see a lot more than what they?re looking for.

?Men coming out fully nude out of the bushes talking to you like you were standing there nude too,? Sakus said.

Disc golfers helped to take back nearby High Bridge Park several years ago. Between the brush cutting that went with designing a course and the crowds of golfers using it this frisbee spin off sport literally drove away the lewd conduct.

?There would be more people, it would just be more of a public park there wouldn't be spots where they could hide off and do their thing,? disc golfer Joe Barnett said.

Now they?ve set their sights on establishing a course at People?s Park and driving the lewd conduct downrange from there as well. Unfortunately the new albeit temporary course at People?s Park has already been vandalized since it went up a week ago, but disc golfers vow to raise the support and the money they need make their 18 hole course a permanent one.

?They see us playing disc golf they get offended upset, break all our buckets, throw them in the river on a daily basis and we just put them back together and put the course back together on daily basis,? Kevin Sakus said.

?We're gonna take it back.?