The money Team Gleason raises won't be enough to save Steve. But, the research it pays for could save others and he will be a hero to people he's never met.

And, he will continue to live. He didn't let the fact he can't ski keep him off Schweitzer Mountain. Last weekend, he and Michel stood on top and looked out at the world together. Then, Michel skied down, the ski patrol carried Steve in a sled and a friend carried Rivers down in his arms. It's a testament to a family that has not stopped living. Because in the end, it's not how we die but how we lived and where we came from - and, the lives we touched along the way.

"I've been diagnosed with ALS so that millions of other people don't have to be."

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Fundraisers For Team Gleason

You can raise money for Team Gleason by buying t-shirts and other items from the website and donating to the cause. There are also two local fundraisers planned for this summer:A golf tournament will take place June 25th at Black Rock Golf Course. Money raised will fund scholarships at Gonzaga Prep and WSU in Steve's name. They still need corporate sponsors for that event. If you're interested, email Dave Martin at Dave@summitcapital.comWindermere North will raise money for Team Gleason with a motorcycle rally on June 23rd. Riders will take part in a 125-mile scenic poker run with three spots, then celebrate with a BBQ. Realtors and staff will cover all entry fees; they'll be seeking community sponsors to pay for the event and fund donations to Team Gleason. For details, visit the Cruizin For a Cause Facebook page at