Aryan Nations Responds To Attempted Bombing

Published On: Sep 12 2011 10:55:44 AM PDT   Updated On: Jan 24 2011 06:43:39 AM PST

The Aryan Nations sent out a video press release this weekend that states the organization had nothing to do with the attempted bombing in Downtown Spokane last week.

Pastor Morris Gullet, who says he?s the World Leader of The Aryan Nations, speaks in the nearly six minute video and denies the organization?s involvement in the attempted bombing.

?We condemn that, we do not condone it, any of our members who are known to be caught up in this type of activity will no longer be members of The Aryan Nations,? Gullet said.

He went on to say that Martin Luther King was a sexual degenerate, a liar and plagiarist.

The website says the racist organization is now based in Calhoun, Louisiana. It has changed leadership several times since its founder Richard Butler died in 2005. Butler started The Aryan Nations in Hayden, Idaho in the 1970?s.

The hate group lost its foothold in the area in 2000 when Butler lost a civil lawsuit and his 20 acre compound was sold at a bankruptcy auction.

In the video, Gullet says had the bomb exploded he would have blamed the federal government and its policies on illegal immigration, NAFTA and hate crime legislation.

Gullet says The Aryan Nations does not believe in violence except if there is a race war:

?We believe that there will be the time when our people will have to resort to great violence and terror to defend ourselves and our families.?

The spokesman for The Inland Northwest Joint Terrorism Task Force says investigators are aware of The Aryan Nations video, but wouldn?t comment beyond that.