4 Things to Know for April 28th

4 Things to Know for April 28th

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's finally Friday! Here's a few things you should know this morning.

Beginning on Monday, May 1st, dozens of elderly residents will be displaced from the Cooper George on the lower South Hill. And on Wednesday, more than one hundred residents of The Carlyle were told they had six months to move out. The  decrease in affordable assisted living is due to Medicaid. The parent companies for those buildings have each claimed the reimbursement from Medicaid has not kept up with inflation and the growing costs of assisted living. Because assisted living is no longer profitable, nearly 200 low-income Spokane residents will have to find a new home in 2017. Full story here

Construction of new homes in our area is booming so much that builders say there's a shortage of build-able lots. In Washington, urban growth boundaries regulate and restrict where in the county neighborhoods can be built, and builders say it's difficult for developers to find land right in Spokane right now. This competition, in turn, drives up the price for home buyers. Builders are also having a tough time finding skilled workers in the construction trade. They say at this time, there's more jobs than qualified tradesmen. This means if you're interested in getting into the construction industry, now is a great time. Full story here

Corrections officers thwarted an attempted escape outside of Spokane county detention services yesterday.
30-year-old Johnathan McNair had just been transported to the Westside of the facility, and was getting out of a van when he tried to make a run for it. McNair was already behind bars on burglary and theft charges.  And now an escape charge may be added to that list. 

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