2011 Mariners Lose 15 Games In A Row

Spokane, WASH - The 2011 Mariners are already in the franchise records books for losing 15 games in a row, something no other Mariner team has ever done.

That eclipses the 14 game losing streak of the '92 Mariners and is the longest losing streak in baseball since the 2005 Royals.

The modern day record of 23 loses was set in 1961 by the Philadelphia Phillies and American League record is 22 by the '88 Orioles.

Either way that franchise record is tough to swallow for both fans and local businesses.

It takes a brave soul or a devoted fan to be caught wearing Mariners gear these days, but M's fan Patrick Walsh will tell you embarrassment has given way to a sick curiosity.

"It's kind of right now more interesting to watch how many games in a row they are going to lose,? Walsh said.

As the team keeps falling short so is the excitement in the local cheering sections.

"Very disappointed, very disappointed," Jan Spangle, manager of Fizzie Mulligans, said.

Fans at Fizzie Mulligans haven't stopped coming in for the games but they've definitely felt the fizzle.

"People aren't as happy when they are not winning, when they are winning people are buying shots, have an extra beer,? said Spangle.

Just like the winning round, Mariners apparel is also being left sitting on the shelf.

?It's not definitely moving like it should be, like we want it to for a home state,? Matthew Bauman of Just Sports said.

The sad part is the season started so well. The M's were sitting at 500 and had a chance. Now they'd have to win more than three quarters of their remaining 61 games to keep their jerseys off the discount rack.

"If it keeps going down hill it might be, once they're out of the playoffs for sure,? said Bauman.

At the very least the Mariners have shaved their names in franchise history. Maybe trimmed a very fair weather fan, but when all is said and done things can only get better right?

"I think that they'll do 18 so they won't break the Royals last one but we'll see,? Walsh said.

The good news is that the Mariners have a winning record against the Yankees so far this year.