• Man devastated after dog shot, killed by cop


    Craig Jones said his dog Arfee was a happy-go-lucky black lab puppy. Coeur d'Alene Police said that dog – which they called a pit bull – lunged at an officer, who shot and killed Arfee. Now Jones is devastated and the police are getting threats.

  • Crews battling blaze, heat on Lake Spokane fire

    Firefighters working to contain the wildfire near Lake Spokane were also fighting the scorching heat.

  • iStock

    It's hot. Drink water.

    It's summer, which means its hot, which means you need to protect your health by increasing your daily intake of water.

  • 2014 World Cup - Germany-Algeria

    Edgard Garrido/Reuters

    World Cup final: Germany, Argentina face off

    This time, Paul the Octopus won't be able to predict the winner.

    In a World Cup already marked by stunning victories and catastrophic defeats, trying to guess the next World Cup champion is pretty much moot.

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