A chicken in China has laid a giant egg containing two yolks and another egg inside.

Dubbed the "miracle chicken," the hen left villagers in Guizhou speechless when they cracked open the egg in a video that's since gone viral, the Christian Post reported.

The egg was approximately three times the size of a normal egg, and weighed nearly half a pound, according to Hong Kong's New Tang Dynasty Television.

The chicken's owner, identified only as Mrs. Yang, thought her animal was dying when it laid the giant egg.

Since then, the hen has laid a few more big eggs.

Mrs. Yang attributes the unusual eggs to the chicken's rice-only diet, NTDTV reported.

Earlier this year, a British man found an intact, shelled egg inside the egg his hen Rosie had laid. That egg weighed more than 6 ounches, according to The Huffington Post.