Spokane Regional Health District named healthy workplace

Spokane Regional Health District named healthy workplace

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane Regional Health District has beaten companies from 33 countries to be named one of the three healthiest workplaces in the world.

The health district recently won the international award in Shanghai, China.

From encouraging physical activity to providing healthy food options and helping out new moms, they're setting a high standard when it comes to health at work.

There is a new addition at the health district, someone who can't type or talk yet, but is good at smiling and spending time with mom. Calliope might be three and a half months old, but she's already getting used to the workplace.

"It just takes out another element of stress that I think new moms just don't need," new mom Amy Jennings said.

Jennings is an employee at the Spokane Regional Health District, where they allow moms to bring their babies to work until they're six months old. Jennings' office now doubles as a nursery for this graphic designer and mother of two.

"I was grateful for the policy," Jenning said.

It's one of many polices, that led to the health district's recent award, naming them one of the healthiest workplaces.

Some employees sit on fitness balls or get in some cardio while they work, like responding to e-mails while working on a treadmill work station.

The health district's vending machine isn't filled with soda, candy and chips; instead its filled with items like V-8 juice, organic milk and raisins.

"We just put in a new vending machine that offers only health foods and other things," Kyle Unland with the health district said.

They also have fresh produce too, and it's these little things that make a big difference.

The health district is also a tobacco free zone; new employees can't smoke.       They also encourage their workers to exercise during lunch and many of them run or even do workout videos together.