Scammers using Obamacare to steal money from people

SPOKANE, Wash. - Obamacare scam

Scammers are now using the term Obamacare to slip money out of your wallet and the Better Business Bureau is warning people in the Inland Northwest of the new scam sweeping across the nation.

You've heard of the 2,000+ page Affordable Care Act, but scammers are banking on your lack of knowledge about the specifics of the act.

"I think it would be (confusing), probably because everyone is hearing about this October 1st date where you've got to do something," Spokane-area resident Scott Peterson said.

The BBB said these scammers will call your phone and act concerned about why you haven't signed up for new healthcare. BBB investigators worry it may reel people in because everyone's been warned about the fines that come along with the new system.

"With all these buzzwords going around with 'insurance' and 'exchange,' it's really easy to get someone that might be a little bit more vulnerable caught off guard and confirm information that they really shouldn't," said Chelsea Maguire of BBB Spokane.

Maguire said never give personal information over the phone to someone requesting it.

There's also a Washington Health Benefit Exchange call center based in Spokane Valley. You can reach them at It's set up for you to answer questions, or if you want to sign up for the new healthcare. But those people will not call to selling you something.

"Don't give anybody money who calls on the phone and asks for it," Scott Peterson said.

"A lot of legitimate things don't ask for your money right off of that," Thomas Frye added.

Maguire said the best thing to do is:

  • -Get informed right away and visit to research the act.
  • -Contact an insurance representative you trust.
  • -Get a number to call the so-called scammer back.
  • -Contact the BBB to tell them about the call.

"But then also look out for phone calls that are unsolicited saying you need to sign up for something, you need to confirm this information, and is very pressuring," Maguire warned.

You can contact the BBB at