CrossFit could be your resolution solution

CrossFit could be your resolution...

SPOKANE, Wash. - When people think "CrossFit,"many imagine elite athletes competing against other elite athletes on Southern California beaches on ESPN2 - but as Mike Gerry explains, that's a small portion of the community.

"Moms, dads, career people, police officers," describes the career fitness trainer. "We get everyday average people in here who are like minded and just want to get in shape."

Mike Gerry and his wife Angela have owned CrossFit Spokane for ten years. Over the last decade, they've seen the "CrossFit Craze" evolve from a niche workout alternative with 13 affiliates nationwide, to a global phenomenon with 13,000 gyms. Mike understands the outside perception of CrossFit might be intimidating, but he challenges people just to walk in the door.

"You really have to just give it a shot. When people walk in, they see that 99% of the room is just like them."

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