Spokane schools preparing elementary students for longer days

SPOKANE, Wash. - Elementary school students in the Spokane school district will soon have longer school days as school officials are adding 30 minutes to each day.

School officials say a longer school day has a significant impact on students as long its filled with meaningful instruction.

This change will give students more time in the classroom and put the Spokane school district in line with the rest of the country.

The district says there are other reasons this is such a good time to make the change. The new schedule gives teachers time to work on common core. Administration at each individual school site will be able to determine how the time will be used.

"It may be an additional math course, additional language arts time, whatever the school principal sees as the most effective use of the time," Kevin Morrison, director of communications with Spokane Public Schools, said.

Students will begin having longer school days in September 2015.