The House and Senate are on a collision course over defunding Obamacare and a government shutdown looms.

Two major deadlines are looming and Congress is in complete dysfunction.

On September 30th the government will run out of money, unless congress approves a temporary funding bill.

Today the House passed a bill that would do just that.

But there's a catch - the bill also completely defunds the implementation of the President's health care bill

It was a symbolic vote. The House passed bill has absolutely no chance in the Democratic controlled Senate.

A new ABC news Washington Post poll found the health care law is still very unpopular.

A majority of the public does not like the way it's being implemented, only one third approves.

But most Americans say the government shouldn't be shut down in order to kill Obamacare.

So Congress will have to go back to the drawing board on government funding bill and that September 30th deadline is quickly looming.

The next big budget battle comes in mid-October when the government hits its borrowing limit.

If Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. could default on its bills.

Neither party wants a government shutdown. And neither wants to be blamed for it, so it's likely that a deal will be reached next week to keep the money flowing, but it will come after bitter partisan fighting.

Do you approve of the way Obamacare is being implemented?  Do you approve of it?