A group of Hispanic custodians at a higher education center in downtown Denver, Colorado have filed a complaint against the school, claiming they are victims of discrimination.

CBS-4 reports the 12 custodians at Auraria Higher Education Center say they do not speak English and that the school has purposely left them in the dark in changes on their working status, scheduling and conditions of employment.

They also say they've been injured because they cannot read signs warning of danger.

They have filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The school denies any wrongdoing, saying there is no statute that says they have to have signs that translate.  They do say it's a concern if the employees don't understand their schedules or terms of employment.

The EEOC is reviewing the case and if they find any validity to the complaint, the Department of Justice will step in.

Do you think they have a good case of discrimination or do you feel they should understand basic English?