Washington's state Supreme Court mandated last year that lawmakers fund basic education, including full day kindergarten by 2018. 

Now Spokane Public Schools is looking to make it happen sooner rather than later.

Right now, 19 of Spokane's schools offer half-day kindergarten only.  15 lower income schools already offer full day.

Studies show all day kindergarten has benefits that go beyond improving education.  It helps behavior as well.

But some parents worry it's too much for children, that they don't have the attention span.

Making it happen is going to take extra cash, which the district doesn't have.

Linda McDermott, Executive Director of Finance with Spokane Public Schools says, "Our major obstacle is funding.  The state currently provides funding for 12 of our schools and then we've used levy funds to support three additional schools."

Ultimately, it looks like Spokane may get enough funding later this year to expand into 5 more schools by this fall.

How do you feel about all day kindergarten?  Good idea or do you feel it's too much stress for kids?