• Your data is not safe. Here's how to lock it down


    Anatolii Babii/iStock

    If you haven't already heard, you should probably download encrypted messaging app Signal.

    At least, that's experts' advice for people after the U.S. election.

    Between high-profile security failures…

    By Selena Larson
  • AT&T, Time Warner CEOs go to Capitol Hill to stump for merger

    AT&T, Time Warner merger


    The top executives at Time Warner and AT&T went to Capitol Hill Wednesday to make their case for a proposed $85.4 billion merger between the companies.

    In a written statement submitted to the Senate…

  • Netflix viewers binge shows, then chill


    Netflix via CNN

    What do you do after binge watching a series on Netflix?

    According to the streaming service, you take a break.

    Netflix has released data on the binging habits of its subscribers and found that 59% of…

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