• Learning to code can get you a $70,000 job



    It's no secret that coding is a lucrative skill, but it turns out learning this skill can actually double your salary.

    By Selena Larson
  • Google launches Wi-Fi expansion in India

    Google headquarters sign

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Google wants to do a lot more for mobile users in India.

    The tech giant laid out its plans on Tuesday at an event in New Dehli to help people save data and get online.

    To start, Google is adapting its…

  • Trump launches Snapchat filter for debate

    D Trump Snapchat filter

    Donald J. Trump For President/Snapchat via CNN

    Donald Trump is turning to Snapchat to drum up support from young voters ahead of tonight's presidential debate.

    The Republican candidate's campaign launched a nationwide filter on the popular social…

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