• Apple sold 4M iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in first day

    iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus


    Apparently, a lot of people want the iPhone 6. Apple sold a record 4 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones on Friday, the first day that the new iGadgets were available for pre-order, the…

    By David Goldman
  • Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5 billion



    Microsoft is expanding its video game empire, buying the wildly popular Minecraft and the tiny production studio that designed it for $2.5 billion.

    With Minecraft, Microsoft will be acquiring one of…

  • Golfer wins space trip after bagging hole-in-one

    Earth in space

    bruno sersocima/SXC

    After a hole-in-one at the KLM Open in Amsterdam, golfer Andy Sullivan has won a prize that is truly out of this world.

    The Englishman, who found the cup with his tee shot on the 15th hole, bagged…

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