• Obama proposes scaling back benefits of 529 college savings plans

    Piggy bank, graduation, college savings

    iStock / kroach

    The most compelling reason to save for college in a 529 plan is the tax savings.

    You can put away $14,000 each year for a child, pay no tax on the money while it's growing, and no tax when you…

    By Jeanne Sahadi
  • Obamacare website reins in personal data sharing

    Affordable Care Act website, health care website


    The government has stopped openly sharing your personal information from the Obamacare website with private companies.

    Earlier this week, the government came under fire after the Associated Press…

  • California measles outbreak growing

    Measles vaccine

    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    The disease outbreak apparently surfaced when visitors reported coming down with measles after visiting the park Dec. 15-20.

    The measles outbreak in California is growing. The number of cases has increased to 68, with 48 of those cases linked to an outbreak at Disneyland, state health officials reported Friday.

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