Husky 42-pound cat looking for 'fit' home

5-year-old orange tabby found wandering streets

Published On: Sep 24 2012 08:01:20 AM PDT   Updated On: Sep 26 2012 11:27:42 AM PDT
Skinny 42 pound cat

A stray cat in Texas is looking for a new forever home -- one that can accommodate her 42-pounds worth of feline angst.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the 5-year-old female orange tabby, named "Skinny" by veterinarians, was picked up by animal services last week as she wandered the streets, and brought to the Richardson Animal Shelter for evaluation.

According to the shelter's website, Skinny is in good condition, but has been placed under protective custody as she begins a weight-loss regimen.

"With cats you have to be more careful with dieting, as too-rapid weight loss can have adverse affects," Yvette Pedroza, a veterinarian at the East Dallas Veterinary Clinic, told the newspaper. "The cat can suffer from diseases such as hepatic lipidosis [fatty liver syndrome]. Usually we recommend a weight loss of 1 percent per week."

Dennis Wooten, a manager at the shelter, said the plump cat is so large -- about 25 pounds larger than average -- that she "can't even get into a normal litter box."

He told the Morning News that the shelter has received hundreds of phone calls from eager adopters, but that Skinny is considered a "special needs" cat, likely suffering from diabetes as well as joint problems, so the shelter's staff will be very selective about choosing her prospective owner.

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