(NewsUSA) - Whether she catches pinkeye at daycare or a cold from a playmate, your toddler will get sick. And a toddler with a headache, sore throat or upset stomach? Well, she's not a happy toddler.

But parents can take steps to make their toddlers -- and themselves -- feel just a little bit better. Here are some tips for parents hoping to soothe their sick children:

- Make sure your child is in good hands. Stay at home if you can. If you can't, find a sitter or a family member who will let your toddler sleep. Do not take sick children to daycares or schools, where they can spread their illness.

- Stay calm. Children are affected by their parents' emotions. If you're stressed out from missing work or upset by your child's condition, you will communicate that worry to your child. Calm parents help toddlers feel safe.

- Create soothing rituals. A nice, long bubble bath can provide one-on-one comfort and reduce fevers. Likewise, a sick child might enjoy being allowed to sleep on the couch. Allow children to watch their favorite videos. Read children stories to distract them from their aches and pains.

- Offer special treats. Children with minor colds might enjoy a special meal, like soup or cut-up pieces of their favorite fruit. Children with sore throats might like warm tea with honey or real-fruit popsicles. Ginger ale or saltines can soothe upset tummies.

- Don't poke or prod. Toddlers often tantrum when it's time to take their temperature.

- Be honest. If your child has a fever and you need to take her to a doctor, tell her where you are going and why. Make sure she knows that seeing the doctor will make her feel better. Choose a doctor with a warm demeanor who will take the time to talk with your child.