Can you picture it? How about our next reason?

frustrated office worker yelling at computer

No. 2: Think about your images

You've done due diligence on your Facebook photo albums.

You've untagged yourself in those college party photos where you're double fisting red cups. You've threatened your friends until they agreed to take down the evidence of that embarrassing weekend in Vegas. You even deleted a few ill-advised profile pictures. So any sketchy photos should be well hidden from everyone, right?

Sure. That is, until you go to a bachelorette party with that one photo-happy friend who must post all photos from the day before she goes to bed so she won't have trouble sleeping. Or you don't notice your prolific mobile uploader friend pull out his cell phone camera once you're a few Irish Carbombs in at the St. Patrick's Day party.

By the time you untag yourself in new photos or beg your friends to take them down, the damage will already be done. Those photos are in your newsfeed and on your boss's computer screen.

Last up, if you want to respect your boss, heed our last warning ...

businessman using laptop computer

No. 1: Try respecting a guy with a lamp shade on his head

If there's one thing worse than your boss being able to see what you did Saturday night, it's the reverse: Having your boss's personal photos burn a permanent image into your brain.

Do you really need to see photos of your boss and his bar buddies drinking and dancing the night away? Or the home glamour shots she tried to take that look more sad than fab?

At one time, getting your hands on a photo like that could elicit a snicker and admiration from co-workers. But now that every detail of every photo is readily available to everyone online, it can just get sad.

You're boss is someone you're supposed to respect on a professional level. That can get a lot tougher when he's trying to lead a serious meeting on Monday and you can think about nothing but that wild photo he posted over the weekend.

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