Just like adults, it’s important for kids to get in a daily workout. Here are some suggestions for exercises that will benefit your child, and ones that they might actually enjoy doing.

Aerobic exercises for kids

Getting an aerobic workout – especially for kids -- doesn’t have to be boring, or even feel like a workout.

Here are some aerobic activities that kids might enjoy doing:

-          Dancing

-          Skateboarding or inline skating

-          Running

-          Playing games such as tag

-          Jumping rope

-          Riding a bike

-          Tennis

-          Swimming

-          Team sports like soccer, basketball and hockey

-          Gymnastics

-          Hiking

-          Walking the dog

-          Skipping

Strength-building exercises for kids

Kids need to balance their workouts between aerobic and strength-building activities. Strength exercises should help build muscles and bones. Kids don’t need to hit the weight room to increase their strength. Exercises like these will help give them the strong bones and muscles they need.

-          Push-ups

-          Sit-ups

-          Rock climbing, or even climbing a tree

-          Playing games like tug-of-war or hopscotch

-          Sports like gymnastics can build strength