Red Forman, That 70s Show

No. 1: Red Forman, "That '70s Show"

"That '70s Show" is home to a lovable bunch of bored Wisconsin teens just looking for a good time. That usually means doing something stupid, and that's where Red Forman (Kurtwood Smith) comes in.

A Korean War veteran with a no-excuse attitude, a hate for Communists and a relentless work ethic, Red is the definition of tough love. Unfortunately, his brand of fathering never did have a chance given his daughter, Laurie, has a new boyfriend every week and his son, Eric, is more in love with "Star Wars" than the Green Bay Packers.

His wife, Kitty, keeps him sane since he hates most people, and Eric's friends have somehow turned Red's basement into their second home. Which means something stupid is waiting to happen.

And when something does go wrong, Red has the perfect solution: sticking his foot in somebody's ass.

Wash it all down with a cold beer and you have a day in the life of Red Forman.

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