Married With Children cast

No. 2: Al Bundy, "Married... With Children"

If you thought Homer Simpson had it rough, meet Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill).

What better way to support a wife and two kids than to cut costs at every turn? Like the time Al refused to pay for a phone call to Canada, resulting in his phone service being cut off.

He gets no respect from his wife, let alone his two kids. His daughter is promiscuous, to say the least, and his son is a pubescent smart-aleck. Al would rather please himself than to try and romance his wife, Peggy, who watches TV all day and spends his money.

Most of the time, Al's biggest downfall is his own dim wit and bad luck. His life is a free-fall from his glory days as a high school star fullback to his current life as a women's shoe salesman.

For all that he puts up with Al Bundy is undoubtedly a top TV dad.

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