Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

No. 3: Homer Simpson, "The Simpsons"

Springfield's favorite father is a simple man who enjoys beer, doughnuts and, well, food in general.

Homer and his loving wife, Marge, have three kids and a dog. His son, Bart, is a reckless juvenile who surprisingly hasn't given Homer a heart attack yet. Daughter Lisa is sometimes too smart for her own good. Baby Maggie is the only child who doesn't give Homer much trouble.

His job at the local power plant has most likely given him some kind of radiation side effects and his boss, Mr. Burns, is as diabolical as a man can get.

Homer isn't exactly the best dad in the world. Look up the definition of lazy and you'll find Homer's picture. And two decades of choking Bart don't reflect well on his parenting techniques.

But, while he isn't the smartest guy in Springfield, he does have a heart as big as his appetite.

The Most Put-Upon Dad Ever?