Mike Brady, The Brady Bunch

No. 5: Mike Brady, "The Brady Bunch"

Mike Brady is as perfect as TV dads get. He's a handsome architect with a huge suburban home, a beautiful wife AND six children? That's just not fair.

Even more impressive is that the Brady bunch is a blended family. A divorced widow, Mike was a single father taking care of his three sons, Greg, Peter and Bobby. He then marries to wife Carol, who, as the theme song tells us, had three very lovely girls with hair of gold.

Played by Robert Reed, Mike Brady is the ideal '60s father. Clean, wholesome, and an all-around great guy, it's no wonder why "The Brady Bunch" was such a happy show. Heck, he was even named "Father of the Year" by the local newspaper.

It's not always smooth sailing in the Brady house. The kids run into issues of dating, puberty and self-image and he's there every step of the way.

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