Up Next: Would You Like To Play A Game?

Man games

A few games that he enjoys are certain to give the space a feel that will make him never want to leave the cave.

A pool table is sure to complete the feel, but not all men like pool or have enough space for a table, so that is when a dart board and video games, such as the Wii, Xbox and PlayStation, come into play.

Even if he isn't a true video gamer, some sort of recreation is needed when he is entertaining family and friends who may like to play.

While he may end up getting a bit of exercise simply from boasting about his skills on whatever game he chooses to play, a weight bench or a few free weights would be a great man cave addition so that he can work up a sweat if he chooses.

But after he works up a sweat, he will likely want to grab something cold to drink.

Last Up: Don't Forget The Snacks

Refrigerator and microwave

A refrigerator is another must-have in a man cave because no man will want to have to go too far from the game or his favorite movie to grab a drink.

And it doesn't have to be packed with beer. It can be packed with juice, soft drinks or water for non-alcoholic drinkers.

A microwave is also needed for the same reason. If something needs to be nuked, this will ensure a small amount of time away from the TV.

This area should include snacks and food that he likes. If he doesn't want to come out, he shouldn't have to, so have a few frozen dinners that he can pop in the microwave.

So, as you plan or look around the man cave, be sure to check for the must-have items. If any of the dads in your life are lacking any of the essentials, Father's Day is your chance to make it right.