T-shirts in closet

No. 3: 'Cool' T-shirts

You may think you have a cool dad. He may even be cool. He might know who Ke$ha is. He might even be able to play the "Resident Evil" games on the tough level.

But know this: Your dad's friends, workmates and boss do not know he is cool. They know he is steady, hardworking, intelligent and all those other traits that guys try to put forward while in the company of their peers. Giving him a T-shirt that shows his love for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is only going to confuse the issue.

An exception to this rule is shirts bearing the logos of classic rock bands. Find Dad a shirt with Pink Floyd or the Rolling Stones on it and he'll wear it proudly. Don't worry if you've never heard of them. Just trust us on this.

And trust us when we say dad doesn't want ...