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Planes, trains and automobiles

Older adults have time to travel. Send your Dad on a trip to his hometown. Better yet, go with him, or send the grandchildren. You might be able to use your own hotel points for lodging and airline points for travel.

If your parent lives in a major city, a subway or bus card is a great gift.

With gas prices soaring this summer, a gift certificate for gasoline or an oil change tucked in a Father's Day card is a thoughtful, useful gift for the father who still takes a Sunday drive.

If life has been very good to you, why not send your dad on an extended tour to someplace he's always dreamed of seeing? Didn't he pack you and your siblings up in the Chevy and drive to the Grand Canyon? Smithsonian Journeys offers upscale tours all over the world.

Tours are rated by intensity and activity level, so be sure to choose one appropriate to his age and fitness.