Deluxe digital mini fridge cooler and warmer

Deluxe Digital Mini Fridge/Warmer

Is your dad a road warrior? Does he love old-fashioned driving vacations? If so, he needs the Deluxe Digital Mini Fridge/Warmer.

This nifty critter plugs into any 12V or 110 outlet and can either keep sandwiches and drinks cool for the duration of his trip or keep his favorite road-food entrees warm until he gets to his favorite roadside dining spot.

This is especially great for dads who have been told by their doctors that one more trip through the fast-food drive-through might be more than their Lipitor can handle. Instead of the fat-laden monster burger, they can pack a sack of turkey rollups or other healthy grub.

And when they're out of sight of the house, they can ditch the rollups and keep the monster burger hot and ready.

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