Witherspoon, donning horn-rimmed glasses, visits Bonafonté's ex-husband in his tiny trailer home with the goal of retrieving some very special joint property.
After Witherspoon spits out a mouthful of legalese, Coolidge's character grabs the dog and defiantly states, "I'm here to get the dog, Dumb***!"

That's funny, but not as funny as our next movie ...

Anthony Edwards and Robert Carradine in Revenge of the Nerds

No. 2: "Revenge Of The Nerds" (1984)

When Adams College freshmen Lewis Skolnick (Robert Carradine) and pal Gilbert Lowe (Anthony Edwards) arrive on campus, there's a housing shortage. They end up bunking in the gymnasium, along with a group of other displaced freshman.

Fortune strikes when fraternity rush leaves an eclectic band of self-proclaimed nerds left in the gym. Wanting to fit in, the nerds join the black fraternity on campus, and are subsequently harassed by the "cool" fraternity men.

The balance of the movie involves the "nerds" seeking revenge on the "cool" kids, including an old-fashioned panty raid and a finale at the Greek Games. The "nerds," thanks to their extensive computer knowledge, put on a show with electronically generated music that brings the house down.

And in this dream sequence, the nerd leader gets the beautiful blonde cheerleader.

Coming to our last selection, we've arrived at the ultimate college movie ...

Animal House cast

No. 1: "Animal House" (1978)

Two generations of movie goers know the plot -- not to mention most of the lines -- of "Animal House" by heart.

But here goes anyway: In 1962, Delta House is the lowest of all Faber College's fraternities. When Dean Vernon Wormer (character actor John Vernon) targets the squirrely-yet-hard-partying Deltas for elimination all kinds of hijinks and hilarity ensue.

John Belushi became iconic as Bluto, the lovable slob in his "College" T-shirt, and was backed by the likes of Tom Hulce (later an Oscar nominee for "Amadeus") and other famous faces including Kevin Bacon, Karen Allen, Tim Matheson, Peter Riegert and Donald Sutherland.

The movie is inane, stupid, silly and full of bad puns and strange scenes like when Belushi destroys the guitar of cameo-making musician Stephen Bishop.

But all in all, "Animal House" is a classic that can be watched again and again, if only for the trivia.

Question: How did Otter's alleged fiancee from the women's college die? Answer: Fawn Lebowitz, Fort Wayne, Ind., died in a kiln accident.

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