• Father seeks ban on unimmunized schoolkids

    Rhett Krawitt


    Rhett Krawitt looks like a normal, smiling 6-year-old as he plays with his sister in the kitchen of their San Francisco home this week.

    But it's a truly incredible scene. Rhett survived nearly four…

    By Ashley Fantz CNN
  • Ebola cases drop to lowest level since June

    Uganda hospital treating Ebola outbreak

    CNN Image

    The number of new Ebola cases reported in the three worst-hit countries fell to its lowest level since late June, the World Health Organization said Thursday.

    Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone had a…

  • Study: Beer can help ward off Alzheimer's

    bottles of beer with condensation

    Researchers have touted the health benefits of wine when consumed in moderation, now scientists are promoting the benefits of beer.

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