Working 4 you: Video games may be good for children

Working 4 you: Video games may be good for children

SPOKANE, Wash. - Researchers from Oxford University say video games could actually be good for kids. 

According to the study, video games could have a positive impact on child development for kids between the ages of ten and 15 years old who play for a short time each day. 

Kids who played for less than an hour a day were less likely to have emotional and friendship issues. Additionally, children who played video games were better adjusted than those who didn't play at all. 

But scientists warn there is a point when video games become too much. Children who reportedly played more than three hours of games each day were said to have lower satisfaction with their lives overall. 

In the study, 75% of the 5,000 students reported playing video games. 

Children who reported playing for an hour or less each day were said to have higher satisfaction with their lives, got along better with their peers, were more likely to help people in difficulty and had lower levels of hyperactivity. 

Doctors say video games can help give children a common language, which can make things easier in social situations. 

But, students who said they played three hours or more of video games a day were the least well adjusted.