Working 4 You: Regulating navigation apps

Working 4 you: Regulating navigation apps

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's a well known fact that distracted driving is dangerous, and now lawmakers are hoping to cut down on the dangerous habit by proposing new guidelines seeking to regulate navigation apps. 

The guidelines come as part of the Obama Administration's transportation bill, which is expected to pass later this year. 

There is a section of the bill that could be used to give the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration power to regulate navigation apps. 

Many cars come with built-in navigation systems, but drivers continuously bypass these systems and use their phones or tablets for directions. 

According to the proposed transportation bill, the NHTSA would be have the authority to regulate and set restrictions for navigation-related apps. 

Experts predict automakers will support the measure, as it would encourage drivers to purchase built-in navigation packages in their vehicles. However, technology companies that produce the apps argue the regulations are impractical and impossible to enforce. 

The new regulations hope to decrease distracted driving, which was responsible for the deaths of 3,300 people in 2012.

Currently texting and driving is banned in 44 states, while using a cell phone at all while driving is banned in 12 states. 

According to the Department of Transportation, "A driver should not perform any task that takes their eyes away from the road for more than two seconds."

In April the NHTSA launched an $8.5 million Distracted Driving Enforcement and Advertising campaign, encouraging drivers to power-down electronics and put them out of reach when behind the wheel.