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From weddings to vacations to graduation parties, summer is a busy and expensive time. So, why not plan ahead and spend that money wisely? We can help! Also, what is Maryland trying to find out about David Hasselhoff?

What Do Grads Really Want?

It's the time of year for pomp, circumstance and writing checks to high school and college grads ready to head out into the world.

The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $4.7 billion on graduation gifts this year, the most since they started tracking those numbers. The most popular gifts: gift cards, electronics and clothes.

What do grads really want? You guessed it: Cash. But you can think outside the box. Consider paying for a resume service or LinkedIn premium membership for graduates to begin their job search.

Sneaky Hotel Fees

Planning that summer getaway? Many of us use sites like Kayak, Expedia and TripAdvisor to find the best deals on hotels. But, the price you see online doesn't always reflect what you pay when you check out.

Last year, the hotel industry collected an estimated $2.1 billion in fees and surcharges; that's double what they were collected in 2001. Consumer Reports says hotels charge extra for pretty much everything.

You could be charged a fee for early check-in, for having the hotel store your luggage until your room is ready and those bottles of water in your room. They may even charge you for the hotel gym, even if you don't use it. So what can you do?

Consider joining the hotel chain's loyalty program. That could get you things like in-room snacks and early check-in without having to pay the fees.

Unicorn Tattoos? 

What's with Washingtonians and unicorn tattoos? That's what much of the country might be asking when they see this new map from Seattle-based website Estately.

The company tracks Google trends and compiled what each state was searching for. Some are practical (Nevada searched for information on "tattoo removal"), most are bizarre (Maryland needed more info on David Hasselhoff).

In our neck of the woods, Idaho searched for Bigfoot, Montana was looking for meth and Washington? Yep. Unicorn Tattoos.

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