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We hope you're already getting started on your Memorial Day weekend. We've prepared a bevy of consumer advice for your long weekend, from audio tagging on Facebook to the items you should buy this weekend if you want to save money.

Save on Major Appliances

We know, it's not what the holiday is supposed to be about. But, Memorial Day sales are here to stay and, if you're in the market for some major appliances, you may want to push the barbecue back a few hours and hit the stores.

Consumer Reports says Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to buy outdoor supplies and home-improvement items.

Sears has Kenmore washers and dryers on sale, Home Depot marked down grills and you can get deals on pretty much ever major appliance. If you think you might need to upgrade this year, you might want to bite the bullet this weekend.

You can find some of the best deals here.

Beef Recall Raises Questions

A beef recall in the Midwest is raising questions about food safety and how we're notified about potentially contaminated food.

This week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a list of stores in nine states where the affected meat was distributed. The meat came from Wolverine Packaging in Michigan and didn't make it this far west.

But, here's why you still might care: even though the meat was sent to restaurants, the USDA has a policy not to name the restaurants where contaminated food may have been sent.

The argument is that restaurants are responsible enough to quickly stop serving the potentially-affected meat. But, consumer watchdog groups say this has to change.

"This is going to make things a little more dicey in terms of consumers who may get sick and don't know what to do or are not following this closely enough to make the connection between their illness and where they ate," says Tony Corbo of Food & Water Watch.

The only way to completely protect yourself from food-borne illness found in beef? Make sure you cook to an internal temperature of 160 degrees.

Facebook Tagging Your Songs and Shows

Do you find yourself listening to a song or watching TV and you want to tell your friends about it?

Facebook is about to make that really easy to do. In the coming weeks, Facebook is adding an audio recognition feature. It uses the microphone on your mobile device to pick up the audio of what you're listening to and watching, then it can automatically tag it in your status update.

If you tag music, your Facebook friends can click for a 30-second preview. If you're watching a TV show, it will specify what season and episode you're watching to protect your friends from spoilers.

The company isn't just doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. The more users share about themselves, the more Facebook can target ads to its 1.2 billion users. The feature should be available in the coming weeks. Study up on it now at this link.

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