Working 4 you: How to make telemarketers stop calling

Working 4 you: How to make telemarketers stop calling

SPOKANE, Wash. - We all know how difficult it can be to deal with telemarketers, and sometimes it feels like they'll never stop calling you back. But now, former telemarketer Erica Elson is speaking out, sharing her secrets in the August issue of Reader's Digest. 

Elson says it's easy to get callers off your back if you know what not to do. 

First, she says not to just hang up. Ignoring the call or hanging up mid-conversation will only put your name right back on the call list. 

She also says not to engage the telemarketer, even to explain why you're not interested. Elson says any conversation opens the door to another sales pitch.

She adds to never tell telemarketers to call you back, because they will. 

"Even if you say something like 'I'm in the middle of dinner,' that means 'oh I shouldn't call at 6 p.m., so I'll try them in the morning,'" said Elson. 

So, if you want telemarketers to stop calling, Elson says to politely ask to be added to the "do not call" list. Asking to be added to the list will ensure that company stops calling you. 

But if you want to take things even further, you can go online and put your name on the National Do Not Call Registry. That website is www.donotcall.gov. It is illegal fro companies to call you if you are on this list. 

Elson says the important thing is to remain polite, but not too friendly, and never reveal personal information.